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Lead2Team Smart Card
Lead2Team Smart Card
Lead2Team Smart Card
Lead2Team Smart Card
Lead2Team Smart Card
Lead2Team Smart Card
Lead2Team Smart Card

Lead2Team Smart Card

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About this item

With built-in NFC technology and a dynamic QR code that never expires, you can instantly share your information with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Smart Technology: A simple tap or camera scan connects others to your Lead2Team digital card. Say goodbye to paper waste. 

No App Needed! The other person doesn't need an app or a Lead2Team to receive your information.

Key Features:

Software Details 

  • Create free digital profile
  • Profile can be set up once you receive the card
  • Unlimited sharing of your contact information
  • Profile can be changed at any time

Upgrade your Lead2Team profile: Access advanced tools for business growth. Check to to compare our plans.

NFC manager

Choose what to share from our NFC manager:

  • Digital Card
  • vCard
  • Link to leave a review
  • Custom link
Lead2Team for Teams

Lead2Team for Teams is your all-in-one enterprise solution to elevate your brand. Empower your team with a Lead2Team's digital business card to make a powerful networking and drive leads.

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Card dimensions

86 mm x 55 mm


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Lead2Team Smart Card


How it works

1. Order your Lead2Team accessory right now

2. Setup your Digital Business Card

3. Activate and assign the NFC Card

4. Share your Digital Card with everyone



Do I require a monthly subscription?

There's no need to activate a subscription to use the NFC card. Lead2Team Business, Pro, and Premium payment plans include advanced features but are optional.

How does Lead2Team's NFC card work?

Simply bring the NFC card close to a mobile device. At that moment, the other person can access your digital profile and interact with the available connectors.

Where on the mobile phone should I place the NFC card to detect it?

iOS: Bring the card close to the top back of the phone.
Android: Bring the card close to the central back of the phone.

Does NFC technology always work?

NFC usually doesn't have connectivity issues, but it may not work in the following cases:
- Your mobile doesn't have NFC technology
- You have deactivated the NFC function of your mobile
- Your mobile is in "battery-saving mode"
- Your mobile is locked (in some devices, it's necessary to unlock the home screen first and then bring the NFC card close)
- You have the camera or flashlight turned on

Remember that your card also has a QR code for the other person to scan with their mobile in case the NFC doesn't work.

Can I reassign the associated profile of the card for someone else to use?

Yes, from the NFC section, you have the list of activated NFC cards linked to a profile. You just need to edit the card you want to reassign, choose another person's profile, and save the changes.

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